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Say Let's Play with Creativity!

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A high-quality snuffle toy serves many important purposes for your dog (and for you)!  It's a toy, of course, but it can also act as a slow feeder for hoover-dogs, a puzzle feeder to ward off boredom while leveraging a healthy, natural behavior known as contra-freeloading, a treat dispenser, and some can even function as a fetch or tug toy. A snuffle toy is a great choice for canine enrichment. For the longest-lasting snuffle toys, be sure to get the ones that are built on a flexible, non-toxic rubber open-frame (it's underneath the fabric)--that's where you put the goodies! With the rubber frames, even if your dog eventually shreds the fleece, you'll still have a high-quality resilient rubber toy!  All of Best Friends Box's snuffle toys are built on these resilient, flexible open rubber frames. Only the best for your best friends!

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