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What is Snuffleball?

A high-quality snuffleball serves many important purposes for your dog (and for you)!  It's a toy, of course, but it can also act as a slow feeder for hoover-dogs, a puzzle feeder to ward off boredom while leveraging a healthy, natural behavior known as contra-freeloading, a treat dispenser, and some can even function as a fetch or tug toy. A snuffleball is a great choice for canine enrichment. For the longest-lasting snuffle toys, be sure to get the ones that are built on a flexible, non-toxic rubber open-frame (it's underneath the fabric)--that's where you put the goodies! If you accidentally buy a snuffle ball that is only tied-together fabric, it won't last very long and won't be able to hold food and treats very well. With the rubber frames, even if your dog eventually shreds the fleece, you'll still have a high-quality ball and puzzle toy!  All of Best Friends Box's snuffle toys are built on these resilient, flexible open rubber frames. Only the best for your best friends!

half red half fuchsia snuffle heart.jpg

Fuchsia & Red Heart Snuffle, S

Beach Ball Snuffle, XL

Medium Snuffleball


Medium Snuffleball

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