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You'll always  Love them

celebrate or remember

These are just a few examples of personalized, custom-made keepsakes to celebrate a current companion and/or fondly memorialize one gone but never forgotten.

We'll create yours based on your particular requests.

Place your order by choosing a sample closest to what you want, then we'll discuss your specific details of your custom piece via email.

Be sure to send us your email address for this reason.


1.5" square art abstract, acrylic sealed


1.5" square abstract, under glass


Painted clay dog emblem for your dog's urn


1" square floral with your dog's fur

under glass


1.5" square nature abstract under glass

Hand-painting, dog's fur, petal


1" teardrop abstract, acrylic sealed

starry first.jpg

1" poured resin encased abstract


1" square w/ashes, hair, petal,

& leaf. acrylic sealed


1" circle beach grass motif

under glass


1" teardrop abstract, acrylic sealed

Hand-painting, dog's fur.


1" circle beach grass motif under glass


1" square nature abstract under glass


Urn emblem with your dog's fur


1" square floral with your dog's fur

under glass

Setting colors available:

Goldtone, Silvertone, Bronzetone, Black, White, Rose Goldtone, Antiquedtone, other.

(Sterling silver available for additional fee)

Shapes available:

Rectangle, Heart, Teardrop, Oval, Square, Circle, Fancy

Items included inside may be:

Cuttings of hair, ashes, dried flowers, hand-painting (you choose colors), other

Design types include:

Abstract Art, Abstract Naturescape, Beachgrass Motif, Florals, Fur only, mixed items, other

Choose waxed cord necklace or chain necklace

After completing your purchase, we'll collaborate on the specifics of your custom order via email conversations.

$100 plus s/h per one of a kind pendant unless you require precious or semi-precious metals. Contact us to discuss options.

This aspect of BFB was inspired by the loss of one of our beloved dogs, who died suddenly. For the first time in our lives, we remembered to save locks of his hair. 

We want you you to have your perfect keepsake to memorialize or celebrate your loved ones just as we want to ensure that we always have them of our loved ones. That's why we've made at least one pendant for each of our pets still with us too--it's good to celebrate them while they are here, and we'd hate to forget to save their locks when that time does eventually come.

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