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One of your toys has become my dog's favorite.  Can I buy another of that toy separately?

Yes, most likely!  Send us a note and a photo/description of your Best Friend's toy.

Can I buy a single box rather than a subscription?

Yes!  You can try us out with a sample Boxiful.  Also, get on our email updates list and we'll let you know whenever we have a special single box offer! 

Do you offer holiday boxes?

Yep, as one-time-buys!  We can let you know by email updates when they are available, or you can check our social media or website one to two months before holidays.

Do you offer other items besides Boxi-items?

Yes! Two rows of links up top lead to special items or items too big to fit in a Boxi.  These are updated regularly with new items!

I have more than one dog. Can I buy a subscription for each of them? 

Of course!  

Do you deliver to Canada?

Yes, though a shipping charge must be added because delivery to Canada is much more expensive.

Can I buy a subscription to be sent to a friend or family member?


My friend has a new puppy. I want to send them a Best Friends Box but I don't know all the details about the puppy. Can you help?

We'll do our best!  Send us an email to discuss!

Your toys look great, but my dog's nickname is Toy Destroyer. Got anything for him?

We have a Toy Destroyer too, so we get you! As you know, some toys are sturdier than others, but if a toy is too sturdy, it might also be a bit boring to your destroyer dog. Always directly supervise your Toy Destroyer with toys to ensure he doesn't ingest toy parts.   (FWIW, our destroyer dog does not destroy the fleece toys we make, but does enjoy playing with them.)  Be sure to let us know more about your Toy Destroyer's habits and we'll try to avoid sending known destroyer-magnets.

My little buddy is allergic to chicken. Can you send treats without chicken in them?

For sure!  Be sure to detail this in the About your Best Friend form. 

I'm very particular about what my dog eats.  Can you make my subscription without treats?

Yes, we can send an extra toy instead! Tell us in the About your Best Friend form.

Do you accept custom orders?

Yes, for some items!  Email us for details.

I have more questions. 

We have more answers!  Email us.

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