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about us

We're a couple of dog parents looking to help out other dog parents by taking a little weight off your shoulders. (One of us is also a professional dog trainer.)

As multi-dog owners, we know how difficult it can be some days to keep up! But we also know how important it is, which is why we think that our little business is one of the best possible services for dog lovers like you: Helping you keep your best friends happy---which means you get more happiness too! Oh, and a portion of sales goes to a nonprofit dog welfare charity! Because all dogs deserve love & joy.

Dog Toy Artist :)
Toy Imaginer

Awards for:  Most Quirky;  Most Gentle with Toys

Motto: Life's too short to sit.
Most Hated TV Program:  The Walking Dead
Hobby: Running the perimeter of the yard exactly two times, then meandering  for what seems like hours.
Ideal Job: Haunted House Popper Outer; Ear Muff Model; Ditch Digger

Dog Toy Peace Officer
Trouble Detector

Awards for:  Best Bed-Head; Best Zen Mind

Motto: If you can't beat 'em, take a nap.
Most Hated TV Program: Fear the Walking Dead
Hobby: Sublimating Predatory Sequence onto Stuffies
Ideal Job:  Pet Parent Quality Control Analyst; Attitude Adjuster; Hall Monitor

practices & policies

Practices: We do our best to match your Best Friends Box to you and your pup's likes/needs based on the information you provide, while still working to maintain the element of surprise that makes receiving Best Friends Boxes extra exciting. Some items will be artisan items created with love by us! So be sure to tell us about your interests! 

Refund, Return, and Exchange Policies:

Subscriptions: After you receive your first Best Friends Box from your subscription but before your next one is shipped, if you wish to cancel your subscription, we'll provide an adjusted-amount refund for the remaining three Boxes. The adjustment allows us to cover our costs of setting up and then cancelling your subscription and of creating and sending your first box. Total adjusted refund amount for a canceled Boxiful subscription before Box 2 is shipped would be $119. Total adjusted refund amount for a canceled Boxibit subscription before Box 2 is shipped would be $70. You keep the initial Box delivered!  This policy applies to subscriptions only.

Adjusted refund requests for canceled subscriptions should be emailed to us within 30 days of shipping to you.


Boutique and other non-subscription purchases: May be returned for a refund of purchase price (less our shipping costs) within 3 days from the date you received it, if the item is in brand new, unused condition. If you prefer, you may choose to a one-time exchange within 3 days for an item that wasn't right for your dog; contact us for details. Important: Email us to request a Return Authorization within 3 days of receipt; authorization is required in advance and returns must arrive back to us within 10 days of authorization. 

Privacy Policy:  Your privacy is important to us. Best Friends Box does not sell or distribute your information.

Safety: Never leave your pets unattended with any item, whether foods, toys, or your own gear. All dog lovers know that some dogs will not be able to restrain themselves, and we don't want anyone hurt. (Did you know that many common items found in your home can be hazardous to pets? Check out our Safety page for some examples.) Therefore, always supervise your pets whenever they may be engaging with items from your Best Friends Box, and never leave any packaging where they can access it.  Of course, please don't let your kids--whether human or non-human--ingest any non-edible items.

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